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Fueling Your Fire by Finding Time: Gain Clarity, Energy, and More Hours in Your Day

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with Heather Hansen O'Neill

Wednesday September 20th- 12-1pm EST

A New Perspective on Time for Those who Don't Color in the Lines.   

One-Time Only Live Workshop

Would you like more hours in your day??  If you are frustrated, stressed or overwhelmed and traditional time management tools don't 'fit' then this is the webinar for YOU.  Spend 1 hour with me and you'll get:

  • An understanding that you aren't alone and that you can learn what the most productive and innovative entrepreneurs know
  • The Number 1 mindset strategy shift that will turn your distractibility into hours gained
  • Top 3 actions you can take today to effectively maximize your time


An Hour Spent Here will Produce an ROI of Hours More Each Week


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